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We are Alamo

A young company based in Alto Valle, Rio Negro. Our main objective is to help you in improving the quality of your products, always focusing on favoring an environment of mutual development together with clients and suppliers.


Heat treatments

Through the application of heat treatments, the desired changes in the structure and properties of the steels are achieved. Various types of treatments can be employed to meet design requirements for mechanical strength, corrosion, wear and more.

Stress relief



Quenching and tempering

Oven features

  • Chamber capacity [mm]: 300x150x300.
  • Maximum temperature [°C]: 1100.
  • Integrated temperature control. Allows you to set up to ten temperature values, heating rate and holding time for each temperature.
  • Type K thermocouple. INTI certification at three temperatures (650 ° C, 775 ° C and 900 ° C).

Consulting and training

Characterization of steels

Through chemical composition determination and mechanical testing. We seek to determine the type and grade of the material, either to verify its conformity with a specific specification or standard; or in the context of a component re-engineering.

Advice on redesign of parts

Analysis of component operating conditions, dimensional survey, stress analysis, material characterization and failure analysis.

Courses and trainings

We offer a series of training courses on topics related to steels, mechanical properties and fracture mechanics. The scope and agenda of the same is adapted to the scope and time availability that the client requires.

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